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Scentsational Sizzlers has been bringing unique scented products into people’s home since 2019. 

We have a range of bath and body products as well as home fragrance accessories. But our main product is our Sizzlers!

People are fed up with spilling wax, burning their fingers and having to put their burners in the freezer (yes, this is a FACT!) just to try and get the wax out of their burners!

This to me is insanity and it has to stop!

This is why my scented granules aka Sizzlers, are the perfect alternative to scent your home.

Not only are they easier and cleaner to use, they are actually safer. They are food grade salt granules that are fragranced, coloured and used in exactly the same way as wax melts, however! Because they are a salt product, they don’t melt.

This means there’s no hot liquid to be messing around with at changeover time!

Simply tip them in and tip them out, job done!

The world is turning far too quickly to be messing around with wax, convert today and join my revolution and you won’t be disappointed!