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Don't just take my word for it!

See what my customers have to say about my incredible products!

Chloe says: 'Loved every scent I have purchased so far! They are all amazing and can't wait to add more to my collection! Car fresheners are awesome! Fantastic service too! 💖 Xxx'

Yasmin says: 'Love everything!! Couldn’t say my favourite although I’m in love with the soap sponges at the moment!! 🥰 so much amazing stuff to choose from 💕'

Melanie says: 'Absolutely amazing couldn’t wish for products and service!! Very highly recommended! Loads of gorgeous scents to choose from xxxx'

Tasmin says: 'Absolutely love sizzlers! I have a whole draw filled with them! I love the colours and scents and I love all the other products you offer too! And the service is amazing and so is the packaging! 💕😊💖'

Lisa says: 'I love the sizzlers, my favourite is between parma violets, rhubarb & custard. I've just realised a got a few favourites cause I love the love potion and cola bottles too xx'

Zoe says: 'Top notch service, scent is second to none, and the quality is superb and long lasting 💓'

Kirsty says: 'Love your sizzlers and all the products you stock. I haven’t found a scent that I’m not keen on yet. I love the variety and I have so many scents now that no two days are the same. So much cleaner and less fuss than wax melts too, and I think the scent stays longer'

Claire says: 'Love all the Sizzlers, so much to choose from and excellent service too! 💕'

Shelley says: 'I love all that you provide! The sizzlers are just marvellous! and the service is top notch!! ❤️xXxXx'

Anita says: 'Sizzlers are good my fav is angel x'

Callum says: 'There is too many to choose from to just write one review! I absolutely love every single product you do! Your sizzlers have the most amazing scents and look amazing! There so easy to replace Aswell! I love the sprinkle and scent it makes the whole house smell amazing. I couldn’t recommend you enough for your products there all amazing'

Ruth says: 'I love your sizzlers and wax melt burners... and it all tbh! 🤣 it’s so reasonably priced! And the packaging is always so lovely! What I find especially lush about all that you sell, is that all my daughters are just as obsessed with it all just as much as me! 
so we can all have the same interest and it makes our bonding girlie pamper evenings so special 🙂 xxx'

Jess says: 'I love your sizzlers. I have liked every bag I have had so far, don’t know if I can pick a fave! My 4 year old loves picking what smell to have next! 😍'

Claire D says: 'Absolutely love these products! Sizzlers are probably my favourite product I absolutely love all the different fragrances, so much choice to chose from and all smell amazing! Love my star burner also that I got from you, it's absolutely beautiful! 😊 Outstanding service from Calley as well and always on hand to answer any questions! ❤️'

Rachael says: 'Thank you for my first order they smell amazing and seen to last well too. Have 7 scents to try is very exciting! Enjoying baby powder right now! Thank you ❤️'

Terri says: 'Love the sizzlers. My favourite is watermelon and I can’t wait for pay day to get the soap sponge and my new burner.'

Melissa says: 'I love the sizzlers! Such a great alternative to wax melts - easier and cleaner to use. Looooads of amazing scents to choose from too :D'

Natalie says: 'Absolutely love these cherry bake well being my fav first thing I do in morning is light burner xx'

Robert says: 'All I can say is wow!! Best smelling scents ever! I’ve had a few different scents. And when I say a few I mean a lot. Each one is absolutely amazing. Last ages. Fills my house with delightful scents. And to top it off customer service is amazing. Well done Calley on your little business. Won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon 🤗'