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Who Are Scentsational Sizzlers?

Scentsational Sizzlers is a small business in the heart of the West Country.

At the back end of 2018, the owner, Calley, came across an incredible product on the home fragrance market that wasn’t well known..scented granules aka Sizzlers!

Scented granules/sizzlers, are a cleaner, easier and safer alternative to wax melts. They are fragranced, dyed and used in exactly the same way, however! Because sizzlers are a food graded salt product, they do not melt!

This makes them a lot easier to handle when it comes to changeover time..simply tip in and tip out, simple!

After around a year of trying and testing, the steps were taken for Calley to start producing Sizzlers for herself, offering an array of scents to suit everyone.

With the lockdown affecting the UK and the main proportion on our population was forced into lockdown, the home fragrance market boomed! Everyone was renovating and cleaning and just making their homes feel (and smell) incredible.

Scentsational Sizzlers came into it’s element during 2020 and it’s only getting bigger!

From supplying leading UK wholesalers and stores up and down the country to now opening a shop of its own!

Scentsational Sizzlers (and Calley!) strive on being a personable business and building positive relationships (and friendships!) with their (her) customers!


The owner of Scentsational Sizzlers, Calley